The life of newlyweds, living far from home, and expecting their first child!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SIX months! Almost seven oops!

This post is incredibly late and I apologize. I haven't been busy really, but just kind of putting it off!

I can't believe Molly is half way to her first birthday! It's so exciting for us. While I love the baby cuddles, Tyler and I also can't wait to see more of her personality, walking, and talking! Month six has been so much better than the in-between stage of months four and five. She is a lot more 'independent' now. When we get up in the morning I can set her down {with her boppy behind her because she will still tip over every now and again}, give her some toys, and make my breakfast {or take the dog out, start laundry, etc}.It's great until she gets on her belly and rolls across the room. I have officially had to put up DVD's and video games because those were quickly becoming her favorites. I just had to put up the cord that goes with the playstation controller. Anything is up for grabs and ANYTHING is going in her mouth including wait for it.... the dog's bone!

Six month milestones...

- Having solids three times a day. {Yogurt for breakfast, fruit for lunch, and veggie for dinner} She pretty much loves it all!
- Starting with puffs for a finger food. She is working on it. Still figuring out how to go from hand to mouth!
-Around 25oz total of formula for the day. 3 7oz bottles and a 4oz bottle either before or after her morning yogurt.
-One little tooth popping through. Not totally yet it's like it has stopped so, hopefully it will finish soon.
-Rolling ALL over the place. She will surprise you and end up on the opposite end of the room.
-Sleep. Hmmm..well, she gets about 10 hours in and then back to sleep for a few more. 6:30pm-4am-ish and then back down until around 7am-ish. About once or twice a week she will wake up in the middle of the night to eat, but then goes right back to sleep. Luckily, this is only happening a few times a week for a while it was almost every night.
-She can sit up in the shopping cart now. YAY! That's the best. I never thought that would be one of the most exciting things because I don't have to bribe Tyler to go to the grocery store with me every week ;)
-Always smiling, has a big ole laugh and it's our favorite. We are always trying to make her laugh!
-She is wearing some 3-6 month clothes, 6 months clothes, and she is starting to fit into her 9 months clothes.
-Her weight (if I remember correctly) was 15lbs and some change - which is under the average, but the pedi wasn't worried. She is also under the average for her length- again nothing to worry the pedi.
-She TALKS a lot. In fact, after her bottle at 4am this morning she started just talking to herself and since she is in our room, for now, it woke Tyler up and he went to sleep on the couch! ha! She talks and squeals it's the cutest thing. She does {we're like 99.9999% sure} say da-da-da-da-da-da-da. But, we aren't convinced she knows what she is saying.. so hopefully, 'da da' to Tyler happens soon because....


While neither one of us wants to be away from each other and Tyler is really having trouble thinking about being away from Molly from so long, but I need to find a job before Tyler gets out of the army. It's going to be hard, but that's what frequent flyer miles and skype are for right!? At least he is only 1600 miles away in America and not deployed! We are excited and so is our family.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

FIVE months!

Hello All!

My sweet girl is now five months. It's so crazy that next month she will be half way until her first birthday! Time really is flying. I went back to some of my first posts after she was born and thinking about how small she was a mere five months ago!

Here is the big girl today....
We are officially about to bust our of our apartment. We moved from a two bedroom to a one bedroom so we can buy a house in Columbia before we move home and save some money! A mortgage and a rent is going to be rough for a while, but we are downsizing. It's all very exciting because soon we will be out of the Army and back home living in Columbia and I'm sure you all know how excited I am about that!

Five month milestones {some may be the same as four, but all just as exciting}:

-eating solids! we have not found something she doesn't like yet. i have been giving her solids twice a day in-between her 6-7 oz of formula. the winners right now are sweet potatoes and carrots. i started out mixing rice cereal, formula, and the baby food- she loved it. now we are moving on to just baby food. once we find out what she likes I will try to make on my own {TRY}.

-if you notice the girl is not wearing any shoes or socks. she WON'T keep them on and we have a bunch of lost socks, but not because of dryer. she kicks them off everywhere and she kicks off her shoes. her leg strength is crazy. i eventually gave up.

-she is rolling over both ways, but seems over it now.. her favorite is sitting on the couch. she isn't quite sitting up on her own yet, but we are working on it.

-she grabs EVERYTHING and it goes directly into her mouth. including my hair.. she also likes to grab your face, but it feels like she is trying to scrap  your skin off, but cute just the same.

-she is laughing and talking so much! she wakes up taking.. not crying which is great! she thinks both me and Tyler are so funny. which, we probably aren't, but as long as she thinks so...

-she is sleeping about 11 hours. she goes to sleep around 7:15 ish after a bath and has been waking up at 6am and then going back to sleep for about another hour.

-she is wearing 6 months clothes and some 3-6 months. size 2 diapers.

-Tyler weighed her on our own scale and she was about 15lbs!

-she enjoys her feet very much, especially in her mouth.

-she is starting to notice Riley. reaching our for her and watching her... Riley seems to want nothing to do with her and just walks away!

-no teeth yet. i am just waiting....

Well, as I am writing this she is getting antsy and probably hungry....


some of her new favorite toys

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

4 months... very, very late


Sorry it's been over a month and almost two months since I have posted, but we have been very very busy and will continue to be until Sunday!

Molly is 4 months old and going on 5 months in about two weeks! Her 4 month visit was early December so if I can remember correctly her stats were 12.12 lbs {I am convinced she is too skinny, but she's average} and she is 23 3/4 long! A growing healthy and happy {most of the time} baby.

Our 24 hour ride to Columbia for Christmas was the WORST yet, but not because of Molly. We just didn't plan well or should I say... I decided not to drive AT ALL. I am a little spoiled, yes. I did drive from Augusta to Columbia :) So, a big thanks to my husband for driving {although, he says he would rather drive then worry about me driving b/c he claims I am a horrible driver and will wreck the car}. Molly, on the other hand, was GREAT! She did GREAT both ways except when we were about an our from Columbia and El Paso- it's like she knew the trip was over and she was ready to get OUT of the car. We did much better on the trip back to El Paso. We pretty much have traveling cross country {basically} down to an art!

Molly had a great first Christmas and was VERY spoiled. You should have seen the car on the way home! I'll post pictures at the end! Everyone loved meeting Molly and there was no lack of attention for her. I even got a morning to sleep in while Molly experienced her first night away! I did okay. Apparently, Molly didn't miss me one bit and did just fine :) Tyler wouldn't let me go get her... I was ready after about 5 hours to go pick her back up!

Four Month milestones:

-Still sleeping through the night {Anywhere between 10-12 hours}.
-Eating about 6-7oz every 3-4 hours.
-Just starting to try solids {rice cereal, sweet potatoes, carrots- we are now mixing the two together with formula and she seems to be taking that a lot better}.
-Rolling from back to belly and loving it. She will stay on her belly for a good while.
-Not teething yet, but showing signs.
-Found her feet and refuses to wear socks... keeps kicking them off {started pulling them off too}
-Found her voice at 3 months and loves to 'talk' and she literally wakes up 'talking.' Better than screaming or crying, I guess!
-Wearing 3 months, 3-6 months, and some 6 months clothes.
-Laughing and smiling all  most of the time.
-Still LOVES the tv.

Pictures!! {warning overload}

First Thanksgiving!

exhausted after a walk

trying on winter hats in Target

Alpha Christmas party!

first Christmas gift

trying out the big girl bath {didn't work out well}

on the move in my monkey chair

first time eating solids at Grammie's house

meeting Aunt Kaylin

a girl has to have choices right?

Christmas with Grandpa

Christmas with Grammie

Santa came!

Christmas at G-Daddy's

Christmas outfit

my new hat

first Charleston trip

enjoying the SC Aquarium 

my first New Year!

Columbia was exhausting 

new Christmas toys!