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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

MBA 1 Month

Hello All!

I apologize I am a week late on Molly's one month check-in :) But, I have been a bit busy! When Molly goes down for a nap I have three choices - 1) get work done around the house 2) take a nap 3) or get on the computer and write a blog post. Number two usually wins, but sometimes I will get some housework done!
Molly is doing great and we are so smitten with her. We are pretty sure she is the cutest baby there is, but we are her parents!

She is officially eating up to 3-4 oz and we recently made this change. Sometimes she will take down 4 oz easy! We are still formula and breastfeeding which, for me, is working best. I had my first over protective Mother moment and took her to the doctor on Saturday morning because I was sure she was having retractions while she was sleeping, had a cough, and wheezing. Turns out, she's just fine! I was also able to get her current weight and this girl weighs 8.3 lbs! Yay! She is gaining weight back well! She is sleeping 3-4 hours at a time with her longest stretch being at the beginning of the night when I first put her down. After that she will go 2.5-3 hours or so until we decide to finally get up anywhere between 7am-9am. Sometimes, she will go back to sleep with me after her 7 am feeding. I will put her in the bed with me and we get a little bit more shut eye. But, sometimes she is up and ready to go! She is still wearing newborn sizes and 0-3 months. Hopefully she grows a little more because I have a TON of smocked outfits ready and waiting in her closest, but they are all just a tad too big!

She has a very strong grip and loves watching anyone and everyone on the computer. She will stare at the computer screen forever! We give her a little bit of tummy time on her play mat and she seems to like it for the first few minutes. She is working on lifting her head and she is getting practice while laying on our chest. She will take a paci {sometimes}, but she isn't attached to it which, I think may be a good thing until she is then we have to worry about weaning her off eventually.

Well, here is a photo dump of some pictures from her first month.... WARNING overload!!
This is the best I could do...she was hesitant about growing older... I'm convinced. 
we are going to check the mail. 

holding the mail for me on the way to the mailbox! she's a good helper!

She is growing attached to this lovey and will hold onto while sleeping {sometimes}

first bath after her cord fell off! 

she is taking a nap in her Daddy's spot while he is at work! shhhh...

meeting her Grandpa for the first time!! 

she LOVES her swing her cousin Tiffany got her! 

go Gamecocks! 

she is quickly becoming a Daddy's girl {which is perfectly okay with me!}

i told her this how cranky her Daddy gets when he really hungry too. 

i LOVE this denim dress her Mimi made for her.

Mister Mom. 

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