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Monday, October 21, 2013

Two Month update AND WE SURVIVED....

Hello All!

Wow, I can't believe it's been two months already AND Molly's parents both turned the big 3-0 in those two months!

This will probably be short and sweet and a quick photo dump! Molly is napping and has been for about an hour and a half, which is rare these days and I am convinced she will wake up at any moment. She HATES going down for a nap. Unless, of course, it's in my arms then she would sleep all day! She fights them so bad and then gets uber cranky when she doesn't. Some days she will only have a few 20-30 minute naps. It's pretty frustrating. Which, also means I have no intention of waking her up to get a cute 2 month old picture! It probably doesn't help that she has had a stuffy nose for a few weeks. We went to the doctor, but she was fine. She just needed some eye drops for blocked tear duct and some face cream because of some blemishes. Otherwise, we just suck the snot out, keep the cool mist humidifier on, and hope for the best. She has started sleeping great at night. She even slept 10:30-6:30 {I had to wake her up because we had to be somewhere}. And every night after she has done well, but the past three nights I have woken her up around 4-5 because I just hate hearing her try to breathe and hear all the snot in nose. How frustrating to not be able to blow your nose!? But after I get the snot out and feed her she will do down for another four hours or so. That's the good news!

But, the second month has been rougher than the first... for sure. She gets super irritable around 5/6ish. Which was definitely hard this last month because Tyler was in the field for a WHOLE MONTH! Luckily my sister in law and mom came for two of those weeks, but still 4-5 days all by yourself with a dog and a newborn is HARD and NOT FUN. I have always respected single mothers, but now I would bow at their feet. I don't care if your child is 2 months or 12 years, it's HARD! And it's even harder when your family is 1600 miles away. There were moments where I just wanted to give up and put me, Riley, and Molly in the car and drive to South Carolina. Sorry dear, but we'll be back in a few weeks! You have no idea how happy I was to have to wake Molly up at 6:30am to go pick up Daddy! But, now we are back to a snotty  nose and even though she will probably sleep through the night I can't let her sleep try to breathe through her nose and hear all that snot!

We recently upped her bottles to 5oz. She would eat 4oz then an hour or two later be hungry for more! But the good stuff... she's smiling! She's pretty happy the majority of the time except when she is over tired from no nap. But, she will smile away especially in response to our smile! She can hold her head up pretty good on her own for short periods and she has found her hands when sitting in her bumbo chair (with my support). She isn't quite sure what to do with them yet, but we'll get there. She isn't fond of tummy time yet ,but loves to lay on her play mat and stare at the lights. She has had a few moments where she looks like she is trying to roll over, but isn't positive if she is supposed {at least that's what I think}. But, her most favorite thing and I am probably a horrible mother for letting her do this... but she LOVES the TV. She will stare for hours. She likes watching from her monkey chair, when she has had enough of play mat she looks up at the tv, or she will sit in my lap and just watch.

She is growing every day.. I do not have any stats yet because our doctor appointment is Thursday {first set of shots ekkkk}. Tyler was shocked about how much she had grown. About two weeks ago when she went to the doctor for her stuffy nose she was weighing in at 9.12 oz! Now, that life is somewhat back to normal I should have more exciting pictures and stories! But, for now ... photos....

she has grown to love the bath. her favorite is having water poured on her!

a rare moment of her practicing from tummy time!

her Dad picked out this dress before she was born! so sweet. 


happy Molly!

she loves this chair!

i HATE seeing this face!

i have a fear something is going to slip up over her nose and mouth so i took this picture to send to my Mom so she could assure me she looked safe! 

Daddy is home! YES, I put socks on her before we left the house!

still a little too small for the million smocked dresses we have, but i am trying to get her to wear all her 3 month summer outfits before is way too cold! 

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  1. Molly is such a sweet, pretty baby girl! Just remember - each stage does get better and better... and it is SO HARD without family around especially if your hubby is out of town on top of that! Hang in there girl - you're doing great and are a great mama! Try to find some moms around you that you can get together and let the babies "play" (aka stare at each other or even sleep in your arms - ha!)... I'm convinced "playgroups" are just as good for the moms as it is for the kids... :)