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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Hello All!

Molly is officially no longer a newborn. I am sad and excited all at the same time. I can't wait to learn more about her little personality, but I know she will be a year old before we blink!

She makes us laugh everyday and she is constantly laughing and smiling herself! We love it!

She is eating about 6oz every 3-4 hours and sleeping anywhere between 9-11 hours and sometimes even 12! But, most of the time she gets up {or may be already up} when she hears her Daddy's alarm at the dreaded 5:30am. :( But, that's okay she eats and usually falls back asleep for an hour or so! But, on the weekends she is our little wake up alarm! She is wearing mainly 3 months and at night her pajamas are 0-3 months. She has started wearing the big girl sleeping blanket instead of the swaddle...she was getting too long for the newborn swaddle!

Molly loves....

  • the TV! that child will even turn her head while eating to watch the television. it is a horrible habit, but sometimes it even gets her asleep. as soon as she is interested in the 23,949 toys i bring out to play with there will be less and less tv. 
  • her Daddy! he swears she doesn't like him, but he never notices her smiling at him when i am holding her and he is doing something as simple as looking at his phone or watching tv. 
  • smiling and laughing! i can say anything in a exciting voice and she smiles away. or changing her diaper she just starts to laugh and laugh.
  • her voice! before she gets really upset because she is hungry, needs a diaper change, or is bored she starts 'talking.' she has really found her voice and that is how we hear her in the morning. rarely does she wake up and start crying! {counting my blessings}
  • squealing. she has got really into squealing lately, but it goes hand and hand with 'i'm hungry' and feed me before the tears start flowing. 
Molly does not like......
  • loud noises! both arms go up and legs get stretched. she is used to Riley barking, but any other loud noise startles her. watching football last Saturday she cried for a few seconds after both Tyler and I yelled during the game. 
  • putting on her long sleeve pajamas at night. it may be because she is sleepy but the 'face' where her lip pouts and you know the crying is coming always begins when we put on our pajamas. 
Other than that... she is a pretty tough girl. We had our first couch incident. She was laying on her back next to me on the couch- which she loves, but she scoots now on her back and she scooted herself all the way to the edge with her head closest to the end of the couch. And, I turned around for a second and next thing I know our little gymnast in training did a back flip off the couch! THANK GOD she didn't hit the coffee table {she was like half an inch away from it} and cried for maybe 30 seconds and was back to laughing. I think she was pretty proud of herself. 

Other than that she does something new to impress us every day. The other day she took her sunglasses off before our walk. It was so cute... she was not into wearing them. 

We are ALL very excited (including Riley) to be able to introduce Molly to everyone over Christmas break. It's going to be a long drive and I am not sure how it's going to work with an almost 4 month old baby, but we are going to get to Columbia, SC somehow or another even if I haven't slept for 48 hours or if I have to sit in the back with Molly and Riley the whole time! If you noticed I said Christmas break not moving home over Christmas. That's right, Tyler is not deploying {for now}! Yay! It's such a blessing and he's going to be able to see Molly reach so many milestones. But, we are a little bit sad about not moving home. Although, I'd take living in El Paso one more year if it meant Tyler stays home stateside. TRUST ME. Nothing could replace that or even be better than that other then him getting out of the Army and us all moving home! 
pumpkin patch!

someone is getting very sleepy!

someone got their very first package in the mail! 

i just fell off the couch

intensely watching Cinderella


3 months!

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