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Friday, March 29, 2013

Jon-Jon's or Smocked Dresses?

We are smocked dresses all the way! But, last week we were Jon-Jon's and all blue. Of course, we didn't care what sex the baby was we just wanted him or her healthy. I had originally went to the high risk doctor (who I do not have to see anymore because me and baby were doing just fine!) and he does a 3D ultrasound at every visit. He was the one who changed my due date so, it's all very confusing. My due date is somewhere between August 24th and August 28th.

Now, yesterday was our anatomy scan with our doctor. Making sure all the organs and limbs are measuring correctly. Tyler was able to come to this visit since I made it for Thursday afternoon. We were totally expecting for confirmation that it was a boy once she was able to see between the legs. At first, our LO was very active moving and kicking. The ultrasound tech could hardly get a good look at everything. Then LO settled down and went to sleep. She would not turn over or show her face for anything. We needed to look at her spine and lips, but she was having none of it. I even rolled over on each side! But, everything was measuring healthy and she has a good heartbeat so, we are incredibly happy. Now, she said she was trying to get a shot between the legs and asked if we wanted to know the gender. I told her that my high risk already told me it was a boy- I should have prefaced that with he took his best GUESS and said boy. He did tell me it was only a guess and was unable to get any good shots of anything at that appointment. She said no, I see girl. And showed me 3 little lines. She kept looking for the boy part or what he could have thought was a boy part, but nothing. I think she thought we were upset, but we were just shocked because I was so sure we were all blue. Tyler then asked her what percentage she would put on the fact that it was a girl (which, I was supposed to do last week at the high risk appointment- but didn't- oops) and the tech said 70% and she never gives 100% until the baby is born. After that visit, I was still kind of in shock and frustrated because I just wanted to know if it was a boy or girl. To me, 70% still isn't good enough, but she couldn't find anything and she kept looking. When I got home, I called a 3d ultrasound place to get confirmation and they could get us in as early as Saturday. As I was talking to the lady I told her I have had a 3d done and right now at 18 weeks you don't get much out of it. I told her I just wanted to see the gender and she said definitely do a 2d because it's easier to see the gender. 3D machines sometimes show shadows and are hard to tell. She said he could have seen the umbilical cord at a strange angle because he did show me what he 'thought' were the goods! For now, we are happy she is healthy and we are going to go with girl. Tyler had a better view of the ultrasound and he said he saw no sign of boy. Either way we are still so excited and I can't wait to start decorating with pink and bows! We are going with girl for now and we may go get an elective ultrasound just for confirmation. Or maybe, I'll just keep all of my receipts. I will say, I will be so embarrassed if I have to announce again that we are wrong. I am just too excited, too impatient, and that got me in trouble this time! Oops. Did I mention we registered last weekend? We registered all boy? Yeah, that happened and then last night I spend about two hours switching it all around!

Other than that, which is enough. I've been feeling fine for the most part. I am feeling flutters a lot more often and I am pretty positive I felt a kick last night when I woke up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep. Which has been happening a lot. I will wake up and not be able to get back to sleep for a while. I am not really sleeping uncomfortably or anything. Using two pillows has been working out well, so far. Riley sleeps right behind me and I can't tell if it's comfortable having her there or not, but I never have the heart to tell her to move. I have noticed an increase in appetite. I will still have ligament stretching pain and a few cramps, but nothing too severe. My biggest complaint right now is congestion. I wake up with a stuffy nose every morning! My skin has also broken out and is a lot dryer than normal. But, the dry part could be just because I live in hELl Paso  El Paso.

Tyler will now be outnumbered! Riley, me, and baby girl! (We have a name, but I really haven't discussed with Tyler if we are announcing it online?). I don't see why not, but I'll get back to you on that!

How far along? 18 weeks 2 days
Size of Baby A? Mango, 6in, .5lbs) the tech told us how much she weighed- i forgot.. bad mom already! 
Maternity Clothes? still just maternity jeans and it's warm enough to wear my dresses! they are not maternity. i can still wear my pre-pregnancy dresses. 
Weight Gain? i only weigh once a week unless i go to the doctor and it fluctuates,but i am up 4.2lbs
Gender? GIRL!
Sleep? get it but it's not consistent. 3am-4am wake up every night (i do go back to sleep though-duh)
Movement? flutters all the time and i think i felt a kick last night!
Cravings? subway sandwiches in particular meatball subs and ice cream, but i settle for fro-yo. i don't eat the sub and fro-yo together;)
What I miss? columbia. nothing really to do with pregnancy. i am enjoying it :)
Symptoms? backaches, acne, nasal congestion
Best moment of the week? seeing our little girl together. i was so happy Tyler came! 

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