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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pink or Blue?

I wasn't sure if I was going to blog this week because I hadn't really had any new updates and I don't go to the doctors until Monday and Tuesday. 

But, I decided to anyway! Lately the biggest thing on me and Tyler's mind is if we are going to have a boy or a girl! We can hardly stand it!! And recently, I have multiple dreams about the issue. HA! I have had two dreams that I actually had a girl and one where the ultrasound showed girl. On the other hand, I had a two dreams about the ultrasound showing boy and the most recent was actually having a boy. So, those are NO help! Fingers crossed at either one or both appointments we will be able to find out what Baby A will be! 

Lately, I have had these massive headaches and I try my hardest to wait them out without any Tylenol. If I have to go to work or coach I break down and will take two regular strength. Also, when I stand for long periods of time (like at work) my back kills me. Not really my lower back, but in the middle? Haha. I am sure that's not the medical term, but it's crazy. I am sure with all my complaining my husband thinks I am a baby, but then again he's not the one carrying around another human being... right? :) Sleeping is still my number one hobby, but it's constantly interrupted with frequent bathroom trips. My weight is still the same. I plan to ask my doctor about my lack of weight gain. Although, my weight isn't going up much my pants have become a little tighter. I CAN button them, but it's just plain uncomfortable. So, I have broke down and started wearing the maternity jeans. I do have one pair of jeans that the belly band works well with. I did try on my shorts because the weather here is so nice and they buttoned, but I will probably have to use the belly band with those too! Other than that.. I have no plans to buy anymore maternity clothes unless necessary. My wonderful husband let me buy a few dresses from the outlets and my Mom has sent me some. So, I think I am set! 

Other than that, everything is fine and I have no complaints. I have felt a few 'flutters' and I am pretty sure I can tell the difference between that and other things like being hungry! Most of the time it's at night laying in bed right before I fall asleep. 

Anyway, hopefully next time y'all hear from me... we will know if we are team pink or blue!!!! 

How far along? 16 weeks and 1 day
Size of Baby A? 5 in 5oz. the size of a turnip
Maternity Clothes? jeans. 
Weight Gain? ehhh... up about 1lb from starting weight (which, for me, is okay)
Gender? we will know very soon!!
Sleep? love it and get enough of it!
Movement? a few flutters at night before i fall asleep!
Cravings? not really. i would love a sub station 2 sub or grouchos sandwich though! 
What I miss? columbia. nothing really to do with pregnancy. i am enjoying it :)
Symptoms? headaches and backache. ahhh!
Best moment of the week? feeling the flutters!

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