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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Well hello there, baby!

Well, there is good news and different news. Not bad news, but it changes things by about 4 days. I had two appointments this week on Monday and Tuesday. I had a appointment with my regular OB doctor on Monday and a high risk OB on Tuesday. Only seeing a high risk doctor because my hemoglobin A1C (blood sugar) were a little elevated so, seeing the high risk is strictly a precaution. I am not diabetic. 

The regular OB appointment went well and just the usual 'how are you doing' and 'do you have any questions.' The high risk doctor checked my sugar that I had been tracking for the last week and they were perfect! But, he does an ultrasound at every appointment and he has a 3D ultrasound machine. So, I got to see my LO for the first time ever! He or she was waving their arms like crazy and moving around. I was so happy to see that there really is a baby in there. It's so different from hearing the heartbeat. He wasn't quite able to tell the gender yet, but hopefully next time! It was such a surprise to see the ultrasound. I wasn't expecting it! The different news is I am not as far along as I thought only by about 4 days. So, I actually hit my second trimester today instead of this past Saturday. And my new due date is August 28th, 2013! 

I feel like August is SO FAR away, but I also feel like the weeks are coming before I know it. It's hard to believe it's been three months already and I am in my second trimester. It's a strange feeling knowing I've got such a long way, but the weeks seem to go so fast. I felt like just yesterday I was 7 weeks going to my first doctor appointment. 

No change in how I feel. I have noticed some ligament pain, but other than that I am still sleeping soundly except for the frequent bathroom trips! I feel like I get up 3-4 times a night. I have noticed headaches in the past week and I am not sure if it's hormone related or lack-of-caffeine related. So, this morning I had a diet Dr. Shasta (I am a cheap grocery shopper so I get off brands on certain items) and it was so sweet and I had a hard time getting it down. I have been drinking water non-stop so having soda was a little strange. I will drink a small chocolate milk in the morning in place of a coffee. But, my headache seemed to have subsided. I may have to pick up real caffeinated drink instead of taking Tylenol. I try really hard not to take any medicine except for my prenatal vitamins.

I am still trying to get in 30 minutes a day a few days a week to get in some cardio. I could tell yesterday on the elliptical my heart rate was reaching 140 a lot quicker than usual so, I would catch myself and slow down. Other than that I wouldn't believe I was pregnant if I hadn't had heard a little heartbeat in my tummy and seen the ultrasound. Pregnancy seems to agree with me and I've been pretty lucky from what I've heard. 

Now in three weeks, I should be able to know if we are team PINK or team BLUE. We both lean towards team BLUE, but sometimes I get a feeling that may be it's a girl. Either way as long as he or she is healthy- I DON'T CARE :) 

How far along? 14 weeks 
Size of Baby A? weighing around 1 oz and measuring 3.5-4 in. the size of a nectarine! 
Maternity Clothes? still no sign of a need for maternity clothes. the belly band may be used soon as my jeans are getting a little tighter. 
Weight Gain? okay, so my husband pointed out i wasn't clear on this the past few times i was writing total weight and then i wrote none. i meant i hadn't gained any that week. to me this is difficult b/c my weight is different from the time i am the doctors then what i was that morning. so i am going to go by the doctors scale. i had gained 3, but this last visit i lost 2. so a total gain of 1 lb as of 13 weeks and 5 days. i think it's because i changed my diet to watch my sugar intake and all the water i have been drinking. doctor said it was totally okay. 
Gender? thinking boy but who knows!
Sleep? no so sleepy during the day anymore, but at night i am out!
Movement? i feel flutters but it may just be gas :) 
Cravings? none really i am enjoying cheese and strawberries a lot. 
What I miss? i am doing okay without alcohol but when my husband decideds to have some (which is rare) i do get a little jealous. especially if he's just having one when we are out to dinner. 
Symptoms? ligament stretching pain
Best moment of the week? ultrasound of course and being told my sugars are perfect

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