The life of newlyweds, living far from home, and expecting their first child!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No more alcohol AND I have to limit my caffeine intake!?

Well, as many of you know now via Facebook. Tyler and I will be welcoming a new bundle of joy this August. I tried to wait as long as I could to announce the news to our Facebook friends, but I couldn't wait any longer! I swear there was at least four people to announce via Facebook they were also expecting in August and I couldn't hold it in any longer :) 

I have blogged before, but the last time it was a different website and for a totally different reason. I am so happy to be blogging about such a blessing and not about missing my fiance because he was thousands of miles away fighting in a combat zone. Also, I regret to inform you that there hasn't been much cooking going on lately. Nothing fancy.. I haven't done much of the recipes from the blog because I don't make special trips to the grocery store that much. We go on the weekend and get basics for dinner and lunch for the week. But, I promise- if I am make something outstanding- I will surely let you all know. I still want to cook my favorite things from the blog, but haven't. These baked wings are a must VERY SOON! 

Anyway, a little bit about me and Tyler if you are a first time reader of mine or just don't remember! Tyler and I met in college, but did not start dating until he was about to go to Basic Training in Fort Sill, OK. We were engaged a year later and married a year and a few months later because he was deployed as soon as we arrived at our first duty station, El Paso, Texas. Which, is one of the hardest parts, to me, about being pregnant. I am so far away from home and family. Tyler and I will have get through our first years of parenthood alone! There will be a lot of skyping, visits, and telephone dates I am sure. 

Tyler and I did want kids and our first thought was to wait a year or two before we try. Well, there were different plans in store for us. A few months later I took a test and VOILA... there it was...
Needless to say the first four tests were not digital. This was probably the sixth test to confirm. HA. Luckily we were a few days away from coming home for Christmas and would get to share the wonderful news with our family face to face instead of skype or over the phone. What a wonderful Christmas present! 

The past 11 weeks and 4 days have been filled with lots of emotions. My sweet husband has been quite surprised at the way pregnancy can change a person. He used to claim that I had a cold heart and didn't cry. Because one time we went to see Marley and Me in the theater and I didn't cry. What he doesn't know and I've told him a thousand times... I did cry. I just hid it very well :) But, the past few weeks I have been crying over very simple and small things. I think it scared him a little bit! Also, you mean I can't drink alcohol AND my caffeine is limited!?! After figuring out what I can and can't do I realize the sacrifices far outweigh the risks by a long shot! No more hot baths? Ugh. 

I am very excited about this journey and I can't wait. I announced it because I went to the doctor on Monday and heard our little one's heartbeat. I got so emotional because all I've wanted for the past two months was some sort of confirmation besides a pregnancy test that there is, in fact, a growing baby inside of me! I have switched my insurance and am able to see an off post doctor. Hopefully I can share this journey with you as I have seen many other pregnant and new mothers do. I have actually stolen the questions below from other moms-to-be. I read their blogs and I couldn't wait to be expecting one of my own and then once I was I couldn't wait to shout it from the rooftops and share my experiences with you! 

I am quickly rounding out my first trimester and I am happy to report that the biggest change for me was that I am tired. I can go to sleep on my own every night because I am so worn out! I used to need extra 'help' to fall asleep like Ambien, but once I found out I was expecting I quit taking it. I am having no problems falling asleep at night. Which, is the greatest thing for me. Pregnancy and I agree with each other. I have no morning sickness. I got sick once while home on Christmas vacation, but I think it was the food I ate... I have been eating real authentic Mexican food and then eating Casa Linda's at home maybe shocked me a bit? Just kidding! 

How far along? 11 weeks 4 days
Size of Baby A? weighing around .5 oz and measuring 2.5 in. The size of a large plum! 
Maternity Clothes? none yet. i have always been obsessed with leggings b/c they're comfy. i've been wearing them more often ;)
Weight Gain? 2.8 lbs
Gender? unknown, but we both kind of want a boy. we'll be happy with either :)
Sleep? all the time and i love it. 
Movement? none yet!
Cravings? fruit (bananas and strawberries esp) or fruit candy (starburst, fruity gum, jolly ranchers, airheads, fruit snacks)
What I miss? the occasional beer on the weekends with my husband, hot baths, caffiene (the amount I would drink) 
Symptoms? headaches, sciatic pain, fatigue
Best moment of the week? hearing the heartbeat of my LO! so excited! 


  1. Congrats Bess!!! So so happy for y'all!

    1. Thanks so much! So bummed I am missing the St Patty's Day 5k :( Oh, and the beers afterwards! Y'all have fun :)