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Monday, February 11, 2013

Sleeping Beauty...

I am now 12 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I don't necessarily feel pregnant except for the fact that I feel like I could sleep and sleep and sleep some more! Not so much during the day if I keep myself busy or if I am working. But, if I am just watching tv then I do get tired. I try to at least get in 30 minutes of cardio everyday. I will either take Riley on a walk or go to the gym. I have heard that staying active during your pregnancy will  make labor a tiny bit easier (TINY, I am sure) and my cravings have been sweets (still) and I don't want to develop gestational diabetes... so, I am trying to keep that at bay. I am also trying to keep a crazy weight gain at bay. I know how much I'd like to gain, but I know the baby has other ideas... I am sure. My husband was a 10lb baby- OH GOODNESS- I sure hope our baby didn't inherit his baby weight! But, I am easily ready to go to bed at 7:30-8! Although, I do have to get up many times during the night to use the restroom! That's annoying, but really nothing new for me! Then my alarm goes off at 5am for Tyler to get up and I go right back to sleep until about 8:30am. And only then do I actually get out of bed because I refuse to sleep any later than that! I could keep sleeping, but Riley eventually gets our of bed and his in my face to go outside. But, I know I should definitely get my sleep in now while I can. I've heard later in the pregnancy you may develop some insomnia and then of course once the LO gets here... I probably won't even know what sleep is!

In other exciting pregnancy news... we ended up buying a crib, mattress, a sheet, blanket, changing table, some clothes, and etc. We had our usual Sunday activities i.e. Tyler's haircut and the grocery store, but we decided to get a car wash and go to Target. I hadn't been to Target in a long time. I knew they had baby stuff, but I didn't expect to buy anything! Tyler has been wanting to do some baby shopping for quite some time now especially for the bigger stuff. I made him wait till I had at least heard the heartbeat. But, if it was up to him I am sure we'd have a full nursery by now. We looked around and he started looking at the cribs. They had a really good deal on this crib and changing table. It's not the most fancy or expensive crib on the block, but it will either have to be moved across country or it will be sold in 2 years. Either way it was a good deal and we didn't want to buy something big and expensive and not be able to bring it home. If we do bring it home it can change into a toddler day bed or headboard. It was a good deal we couldn't pass up. We also got a gender neutral sheet, blanket, and clothes. I didn't want a empty crib! The colors and theme will change once we know the sex. There is SO MUCH more needed in the nursery, but this is a start and we were so sick of looking at a empty room.

Here are some pictures of the crib and changing table and temporary bedding...

Tyler picked out this really cute grey elephant sheet. I then found a lime green elephant blanket. I loved the sheet so much that I am thinking that I make the elephants a theme... if not elephants, then jungle themed. But, I just love the sheet! And even I don't I really like the grey so I may stick with grey, yellow, and pink or blue depending on the sex! But, I have plenty of time to decide! 

How far along? 12 weeks 2 days
Size of Baby A? weighing around .5 oz and measuring 3 in. The size of a peach! 
Maternity Clothes? still none yet, but maybe soon for comfort reasons. 
Weight Gain? 3.6 lbs
Gender? still not sure, but i can't stop looking a boy bedding! ha
Sleep? my best friend
Movement? none yet!
Cravings? still fruit-y candy. someone posted a picture of starburst on instagram and i thought i was going to go crazy! 
What I miss? i sort of miss more than one sweet tea during the day
Symptoms? fatigue, sciatic pain
Best moment of the week? buying and looking at all the baby items at traget 

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