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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

23 weeks!

Hello All!

I have been waiting to blog until this second ultrasound for get confirmation that she is definitely a girl since we got conflicting information a few weeks ago! We had a second ultrasound so we could see her lips, spine, and brain since we were unable to see those things last time. Everything, from what the ultrasound tech said, looks good! We can't express enough how much we don't care boy or girl we just want a healthy and happy baby! We were also waiting to say her name (or at least I was) until I knew for sure it was a girl. I didn't really have any other reason to keep calling her Baby A! We are thrilled and good thing we are still team pink because we have started on her nursery and made very good progress!

We found the two small end tables at the yard sales on Ft. Bliss two weeks ago. Tyler refinished and painted them. They look great! He did such a good job. I wish I could find more furniture for him to refinish :) We have the Pottery Barn bedding, but I have taken out the bumpers, for now. And, the wall art? It's from Hobby Lobby for a few bucks! So happy with them! I think this side of the room is finished.. for now. 

Molly Bess Anderson is her name and this is her changing table and we found the white letters and again my crafty husband spray painted them pink and hung them on the wall- so happy with how it turned out. We weren't making her nursery super homey and a lot of the stuff will not return to Columbia with us so we didn't want to get too attached. 
The no sew (that's my kind of language) window valance idea I got from my sweet friend (who is expecting twins this summer!). It cost us all of $7! And, while I intended to do the whole thing... I forgot how much I lack patience and crafti-ness. Tyler ended up doing most of it... again... greatest Dad/Husband ever! 

Other than the nursery and finding out Molly is doing just fine, we are preparing for a long (and hot) summer! In two weeks I will be on my way to Columbia for my baby shower and to visit with family. I am super excited, but also sad to leave Tyler and Riley. Riley and I spend most days together while Tyler is at work so, we have pretty much become best friends.....
I am always taking her picture because I just think she does the cutest things (even though I am sure it's normal dog behavior). So, when Molly gets here you can prepare yourself for picture overload!!!

We have also decided to visit Columbia in June when Tyler takes block leave and right now we are being too cheap to buy plane tickets because they are just so expensive. We don't mind the road trip at all, anymore, but I will be 29 weeks going and 30 weeks coming back. My doctor said I was all good and we will just have to stop every few hours so I can get out and stretch my legs. Which, is nothing new to us since we do have a dog (another reason I don't want to fly--I would HATE to  board Riley here without anyone we know living here), So, I think Tyler has made a plan to make sure I am comfortable in the front seat and we will make our way to Columbia. This is to see family and make a trip to Charleston. We won't have a lot of time and Charleston will be our 'babymoon.' So, we may not get to see anyone but family while we are home! We will be back at Christmas though with a new addition :) 

That's it for now... Riley and I need to take our walk before it gets to hot for her (and me). 

How far along? 23 weeks 3 days
Size of Baby A? Pomegranate; 11.4 inches; weighing 1 lb.  
Maternity Clothes? maternity jeans. that's it. i still can wear pre pregnancy tops and all regular dresses that i have bought a size larger or already owned. 
Weight Gain? 8.4 lbs- my weight fluctuates between a pound or so. 
Gender? all pink... Molly Bess Anderson!
Sleep? this past weekend i had some trouble sleeping because she moved ALL night long and I had to pee ALL night long. i barely slept and worked all weekend. but the last two nights i have been knocked out and slept 11pm-9am. Oops! 
Movement? not strong kicks but definitely movement. enough to keep me up. she is active at night and in the morning. hope that changes!
Cravings? nothing in particular except raisin bread for breakfast with some butter! 
What I miss? columbia. nothing really to do with pregnancy. i am enjoying it :)---> Same!! 
Symptoms? constant need to pee at night. congestion. thats about it. 
Best moment of the week? seeing sweet Molly on the big screen this week (last time their tv wasn't working :( ) 

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