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Monday, May 13, 2013

25 Weeks

Hello All!

I just got home from my doctors appointment with Dr. Gluck, my normal OB. Just a check up and listen to the heartbeat and measuring my tummy! He probably dreads my appointments because over the four weeks between my appointments I keep a list of questions on my notepad on my phone! But I am sure he's had more anal patients than me!

Heartbeat was good {at least I assume because he didn't say anything} and my bump is measuring at exactly 25 weeks which is good! I told him I was flying home tomorrow and he gave me my medical records to take with me should anything happen. Overall it was a boring normal appointment which is good... exactly what I want. I always enjoy my doctors appointments because it gives me peace of mind. I am a worrier by nature and going to hear her heartbeat and Dr. Gluck telling me everything looks good is comforting.

No news here! Tyler and I went to go see Jerrod Nieman on Saturday and had a good time. Molly is moving a lot especially at night. Some nights {like last night} she will literally keep me up all night because I think she uses my bladder as a punching bag! But, I welcome every single kick, punch, and movement. I'll stay up all night just to feel them. It's the most comforting feeling in the world.

I leave for Columbia tomorrow and I absolutely can't wait! I have a baby shower on Saturday. It's a little early, but I do live 1600 miles away and I wanted to fly when I was still comfortable. I also can't wait to see family and eat... Groucho's and Lizard's Thicket are calling my name! I will miss Tyler and Riley, though!

How far along? 25 weeks 2 days
Size of Baby A? zucchini;  13.6 inches; weighing 1.5 lbs.  
Maternity Clothes? maternity jeans. some maternity tops if i am wearing leggings. lots and lots of comfy dresses that are not maternity.
Weight Gain? 9.4 lbs- my weight fluctuates between a pound or so. 
Gender? all pink... Molly Bess Anderson!
Sleep? still sleeping just fine. noticing its getting a little harder for me to get comfortable and having to get to pee all night!
Movement? morning and night! mostly when i am resting.
Cravings? i have been craving hamburgers the past week or so. which, if you know me know that's strange! i do not eat a lot of red meat!
What I miss? i did miss having a beer this weekend at the concert. but it's worth it. i only think about it if i am out with tyler somewhere. other than that i kind of like being pregnant!
Symptoms? frequent urination. stuffy  nose. i will also often wake up and my hand has fallen asleep! 
Best moment of the week? hearing her heartbeat is always the best!!

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