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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

27 weeks 3 days and hormones

Hello All!

I've been back in El Paso for a week since going to Columbia. It was so good to get home. Tyler and I will go back to Columbia next week {as long as is well at my appointment on Wednesday.} I see no reason why it wouldn't! I made Tyler go up to our grocery store pharmacy yesterday to check my blood pressure. It was higher than normal, but not high. I realized I was so nervous while taking it we walked around the grocery store a bit and I tried again- it went back to normal! Pregnancy has now caused me an irrational fear of the blood pressure monitor! I get very anxious. Even though I eat right, walk every day {thank goodness for Riley- she holds me accountable for my walks}, and have kept my weight gain slow I still get nervous!

But I will do everything I can to make sure my BP stays normal and I see no reason why it shouldn't! So Tyler can get home to visit Columbia and Charleston! I can't wait for our 'babymoon' in Charleston. I am not sure why I have this fear, but I naturally always worry about the worst. This pregnancy hasn't helped, either. I can do all I can to take care of myself, but in the end it's all left to one person and I am sure HE has a big plan for our growing family!

On the other hand, my poor husband. I am sure when he decided to marry me he didn't imagine that my hormones would cause me to be such a mean momma-to-be (basically a b*tch). Or, I have never been much of a crier and I cry at the drop of a hate these days. Lately, if my husband eats the wrong way or doesn't put things in the sink correctly... I become crazy. I feel so bad for him, but I am lucky he is very understanding of my changes and there is only 3 more months! I will definitely try to be more conscience of the way I react. Poor guy. Before I was pregnant you could have piled the dishes all over the kitchen and I wouldn't have cared. But, if this is the worst part of my pregnancy- then I consider us beyond lucky!

My shower in Columbia went great and I was overwhelmed with the support and gifts that we received. We really racked up! We could pretty much bring a baby home today if we had too. Well, we are picking up all the gifts when we are in Columbia. We also got the pack 'n play this weekend. So, all that's left are little things here and there. I have no pictures of the shower because I left the disc at home in Columbia, but I'll get those on as soon as I get to Columbia.

And last but not least, now that it's summer and holidays are all around... I am missing the beach, lake, and an ice cold adult beverage. Right now when my husband has a beer.. I am loving the smell of it. So strange! I want to go to the pool, but I am afraid I'll get bored without a cold one in my hand ;) j/k

Oh yeah, Tyler felt a kick the other night. I think he though it would feel like a small little foot kicking, but mine feel more like a thump in my belly!

How far along? 27 weeks 3 days
Size of Baby A? cauliflower;  14.4 inches; weighing 2 lbs.  
Maternity Clothes? maternity jeans, my normal tops, and cotton dresses all around
Weight Gain? 12.2- a little disappointed in myself. i think i gained a lot in columbia, but how can you avoid grouchos and lizards? 
Sleep? falling asleep fine for the most part, BUT getting up ALL night to use the restroom! ahh! not looking forward to when i am too uncomfortable to sleep! 
Movement? she has picked up movement lately. she has had lazy days, but i notice her lazy days are the days AFTER i am active. like i got home tuesday...worked wednesday and i am pretty sure she slept all day thursday! she scared me! 
Cravings? no real cravings. just hungry. hungry ALL the time. 
What I miss? columbia. alcohol. south carolina. 
Symptoms? frequent urination. stuffy  nose. i will also often wake up and my hand has fallen asleep! - SAME except when i wake up with the stuff nose it causes my mouth to get SO DRY because I guess I sleep with my mouth open because i cant breath! 
Best moment of the week? well, last week being home and all the shower gifts :) 

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