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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hello Third Trimester!

Well, I welcomed the third trimester on Saturday. I got a little cocky when I worked last week and everyone asked how I was feeling {a day before my 28th week} - I told everyone I felt great and sometimes I even forgot I was pregnant! Well, I jinxed myself because the next few days I felt sore all over. My uterine contractions feel like dull cramps {menstrual cramps for those who know what I'm talking about}. Those are probably the most uncomfortable. Then sometimes I'll get like a weird side cramp. I compare it to how it feels when you are running and you get a 'stitch in your side' I got a few times and I assume she is probably putting her weight on that one side and hitting a nerve- how dare her!

Sleep... sleep is another story. I love it! I even nap during the day, but only for an hour so I can sleep okay at  night and get to sleep at a decent hour. Well, sleep at night is ALWAYS interrupted which is okay and I am used to because even before pregnancy I would wake up to use the restroom {I was never sure if I needed to go or just thought it was a good idea}. But, getting back to sleep at night is getting harder. I have to get comfortable and I go to bed and the apartment feels like it's at a comfortable temperature- but I wake up SO HOT. I also feel like all my senses are heightened in the middle of the night trying to go back to sleep. I have never been one to 'be afraid of the dark', but I always peek into the living room on my way to bathroom {this pregnancy would be easier in a home of our own because the house we buy MUST have bathroom access from my bedroom} anyway, I am afraid I am going to see something? Not sure. Last week Tyler couldn't sleep, got up to eat a snack, and turned on the tv. Well, I almost had a heart attack because he has NEVER done that since we've been married and I freaked out. I was sure we had a squatter or a ghost. Then, as I am trying to fall back asleep I will have to feel like I need to pee at least two more times. Trust me, it's an ordeal and Tyler is just lucky he is not awake to notice my tossing, turning, and get ups. Also, Riley had a UTI last week so I feel every jump off the bed and assume she needs to be taken out so she doesn't pee in the apartment like last week! Oh, did I mention my nose gets really really really stuffy at night and if I don't get up in the middle of the night to blow my nose my mouth ends up open and I get horrible dry mouth.

But, compared to other people's pregnancy's I feel bleeds that these are my only complaints. If I get cramps, I drink water and lay down. No big deal.

Went to the doctor today! Today was the first day I went to the doctor and came out feeling so confident about my pregnancy. For the first 28 weeks I was so worried something bad was going to happen. But, he checked my sugar {I test them twice a week- two times a day} log and he said they looked great. I just have to continue doing what I am doing and I do not need a gestational diabetes test! Woohoo! That was music to my ears. I wouldn't say that I don't have it because I still have to check my sugars twice a week or at random, but I don't have to feel restricted to a diet. I check my sugars at random to see what makes my sugars go high. I know that sweet tea probably isn't a good idea- just something I've got to cut out for the next 12 weeks which, may be hard for this southern girl, but totally worth it. I know {and have stayed away this whole pregnancy} that I can't have pasta or white bread {sometimes I do if I don't have a choice}. Dr. Gluck said he was 'really happy' with how things were going, my weight gain is fine, I am measuring good, my blood pressure was normal {111/71}, and I told him about me and Tyler's drive to Columbia and he said 'be safe' I should have no problems just make sure I get out and walk around. Ahhhh... music to my ears. Now my only worry is to make sure I feel her move every day. About once or twice a week she will have a lazy day, but that usually follows a day when she is super active. I read that you should start to feel a pattern, but seriously- she has no pattern. When falling asleep at night sometimes she goes crazy, but sometimes I think she falls asleep before me! It will be interesting to see what her sleeping patterns are once she arrives. She also will start to kick when I lay on my left side {that's usually how I fall asleep} and I can't tell if she is saying goodnight or please don't lay like that {sometimes I am like halfway on my side and stomach}. I feel like she has her own personality already.

In two weeks I go in for a ultrasound and in four weeks I go in for another check-up. Time is flying by....

I also must mention a friend of mine who was only 6 weeks ahead of me, but pregnant with boy and girl twins had her sweet babies last night. I am so overcome with joy for her and the two new additions to the Hoffman family. BabieS and Mom are doing well and I know she is over the moon that they are here. Congrats Laura! Can't wait to see more pictures of Abigail and George! I am going to miss your belly pictures, but look forward to blog updates of life with twins!

I can't wait to get Columbia this weekend and our babymoon  in Charleston!

How far along? 28 weeks 4 days
Size of Baby A? iceberg lettuce; 14.8 inches; 2.2 lbs
Maternity Clothes? maternity jeans, my normal tops, and cotton dresses all around- same...although some tops just aren't working anymore and i've had my fair share of breakdowns getting dressed!
Weight Gain? 12.2 same as last week!
Gender? all things *PINK*
Sleep? well... see above!
Movement? a lot and anytime day or night! some lazy days!
Cravings? lately ice cream- not sure how that would affect my sugars ;) 
What I miss? a glass of chard on the porch. 
Symptoms? stuffy nose. cramps. 'side stitch' 
Best moment of the week? no gestational diabetes test- keep doing what i'm doing. 

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  1. Awww thanks for the shout out! :) So happy to hear all is going so well w/your pregnancy!!! I can't wait to see little Molly....but tell her she needs to keep cooking and not come out too early like her twin friends did ;) Y'all have a great time on your babymoon!!!