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Monday, June 24, 2013

31 weeks


I have not written in a while, but we have been out of town and then as soon as we got back I had work, dentists appointments, and we started our birthing class at the hospital!

We went home to Columbia for a week with a quick trip to Charleston thrown in for a babymoon. We really love visiting Charleston after all Tyler has a condo there and lived there for a few years. We stayed on my Dad's boat which would usually be okay except being 29 weeks pregnant and Charleston going from cool spring-y weather to rain to normal summer weather {HOT} it got a little uncomfortable. I had the a/c down so low in the boat Tyler woke up freezing! But, anyway we were able to eat our favorite place....
Oak Steakhouse. We enjoy their oysters rockefeller {THE BEST} and my husband was sweet enough to ask for our reservation on the third floor near a window! Please excuse my hair... it's difficult to get ready on a boat. Also, we got caught in a normal Charleston summer shower for about 30 minutes. But overall it was a great dinner and I highly recommend trying out Oak next time you're in Charleston. Then, I have heard Tyler talk about Kaminsky's plenty of times and we were supposed to go on our honeymoon, but for some reason didn't get by there. Well, even though I have to watch my sugars, how could you deny a pregnant lady some good dessert? I had figured that we had done so much walking in downtown Charleston from the car to Oak to Kaminsky's and back that I would be fine okay. It was totally worth it! 

The next day it had turned HOT! I guess the rain brought it in and so we got some breakfast at our favorite breakfast spot, The Marina Variety Store, and headed to the Charleston Harbor Marina pool {the Variety Store is not at the Charleston Harbor Marina where we stayed} and decided what was next. We decided that it may be a good idea to see some beach before we left the coast since that's not possible out here in the desert! So, we went back to the boat and got ready to hit Sullivan's Island. It was already lunch time by the time we made it to the island and we tried Poe's. Ehhh. I maybe was supposed to get a hamburger there, but considering how hot it was outside eating something so heavy didn't sound great. I had a buffalo shrimp salad {it was nothing to write home about}. But the atmosphere there was pretty cool! We didn't stay at the beach very long and headed back home after about 30 minutes. HAHA. It was hot and I am just not into tanning while pregnant. We headed back to the pool then back to the boat where Tyler had a few beers on the back. I took a shower and laid down for a nap rest. All in all it was a great babymoon and I couldn't have asked for anything better and I got lucky because I am pretty sure I got all my walking done in those two days for the whole week! 

Back in Columbia it was family every day. It was good for Tyler to see all his family since I had been in Columbia a few weeks before. Our schedule was packed every single day and we didn't stop, but that was okay. We were also able to bring home all the items I had received from the baby shower. And, our nursery is finally coming together and I would say is pretty much together except for a few odds and ends. Molly could go home now, but we definitely do not want that! We are prepared though! 

As I said before we started our birthing class last week, took a pediatrician Q&A class, and had an ultrasound. Last week was a nice welcome back from vacation. Now, we just wait and prepare for baby!

At our ultrasound, all went well... she's measuring right on track! 

How far along? 31 weeks 2 days
Size of Baby A? bunch of asparagus; 16.2 inches and 3.3 lbs {But Molly is weighing 3 lbs 10 oz according to our u/s}
Maternity Clothes? maternity jeans. larger size dresses. pre-pregnancy tops still work {kinda}
Weight Gain? 15.6 lbs{not happy about this but I am blaming all the good food in Columbia and Charleston}
Gender? girly girl!
Sleep? ehhh. if sleeping and waking every hour or every other hour counts. at least i am sleeping. i am a natural side sleeper so being uncomfortable hasn't really hit me yet. but i just wake up often. i guess it's better than not sleeping at all.. huh?
Movement? a lot. she seems to be calm while i am active, up, and walking around. but it's so comforting. i love every time i feel it. there have been no painful jabs except maybe a few times when she hits a specific nerve! 
Cravings? peanut butter crackers. waffles or pancakes with syrup {i try to stick with whole grain or whole wheat and sugar free syrup}. still ice cream! 
What I miss? still a glass of chard. iced coffee. pasta.  
Symptoms? congestion. usual aches and pains of getting around with a pregnant belly. 
Best moment of the week? well it's been a few weeks so Charleston and seeing our sweet girl on the big screen! 

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