The life of newlyweds, living far from home, and expecting their first child!

Monday, July 15, 2013

34 weeks

I have been extremely lazy lately which may be why I haven't written.  And by lately, I mean the last couple of weeks or so! Tyler and I don't do much here in El Paso (I feel like every time I venture out in El Paso I get super bad road rage). We really can't stand El Paso and we think it's the worst place ever. Sorry to be so negative and some people love El Paso, but it's just not for us and no border town would be for me and Tyler. Anyway, besides the horrible place that is El Paso, we don't go many places and even going out to dinner I have no motivation to put on fancy clothes, do my hair (as in straighten), or put on makeup. I am not sure why, but it's just like I don't care! haha. I also may not have written because there is much excitement here in the Anderson household!

So, here is a small update for you....

How far along? 34 weeks 2 days
Size of Baby A? large cantaloupe {19 to 22in, 5.5 lbs}
Maternity Clothes? yoga pants and maternity tops have become my staples. and some t shirts i own. 
Weight Gain? Ugh.... up 19-20lbs from my starting weight. went to the doctor today and ended up seeing the PA b/c my doctor was running behind (it's okay with me b/c I really like her), but she said that was totally okay and my belly is measuring perfect. 
Gender? girly girl!
Sleep? what's that? seriously i sleep okay throughout the night, but my best sleep seems to be between 5:30-9am. i thought i was sleeping in and being lazy, but i realized that i was actually getting good sleep in that time. 
Movement? all day. every day and thank goodness :) tyler saw her the other night and could see a arm or leg poking out of my stomach. i love it. and i often laugh...she's making me laugh already! she moves a lot right after i eat then about an hour or so afterwards she's quiet.. she must like to nap after eating ;) 
Cravings? peanut butter crackers; ice cream (sugar free yogurt); and well, anything really... just really hungry!
What I miss? still a glass of chard. iced coffee.   
Symptoms? congestion. usual aches and pains of getting around with a pregnant belly. - same and getting up off the couch or out of bed feels like i moved a mountain. 
Best moment of the week? my doctors appointment today. hearing her heartbeat, hearing her say that she sounds perfect, and the PA telling me my weight is just fine! 


  1. your post cracked me up about El Paso! Sorry y'all don't like it there! Yay for 34 weeks...can you believe this is when I had my babies at 34 weeks? You are doing awesome and will be meeting your precious baby girl so very soon! Umm...can we get a belly picture??!!

    1. I know. I turned 34 weeks on Saturday and I thought the same thing! I was like Laura had her babies at 34 weeks! If I ever get the energy to put a decent outfit on... I'll take a picture. When I say lazy... I mean extremely lazy!! haha Hope the babies are doing well!! & the parents too :)