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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

38 weeks 3 days and no progress

Ugh. After reading many pregnant blogs of friends I started to understand what happens when you get full term and 'get checked.' Trust me, when you're pregnant google can be your best friend or worst enemy.

Sunday night before my 38 week appointment I started to feel {what I thought} were contractions. They were starting in the back and wrapping around to my front. I called both my Mom and Tyler called his Mom and they told us to start timing them. So, we did and they weren't far apart, but they didn't last long and weren't getting worse. It lasted maybe about 30 minutes and for the rest of the night I just had a sore back. I thought to myself and even called my Mom and said 'I will call you after my doctors appointment unless something happens tonight.' Well, nothing happened and in fact, I slept like a baby {no pun intended}.

At my doctors appointment I anxiously awaited to 'get checked' strange, I know. But, I thought surely I am dilated some with some of the irregular yet not painful {more annoying} contractions. My 3 minute appointment and all I found out was her head is still pretty high and your cervix is closed. What!? NO.WAY. Like closed, like just shut..nothing...nada. Dr. Gluck said 'yes.' Disappointed, I called Tyler and my Mom. My only hope is that you can dilate within hours so hopefully my 39 week check up will bring better news. I also start to feel grateful because I know a few friends who have had a cervical cerclage {where they close your cervix to prevent early labor} and I have to feel thankful that I never had to take that route. Also, I feel thankful that I am not having to be induced early or schedule a c-section for any reason other than I am overdue.

I am not sure if I would feel different if I was living in Columbia where all our friends and family are and just a phone call and a few miles away from the hospital. Problem is, we aren't and our Mom's are coming into town on August 22nd. My Mom is only staying a week {Tyler's Mom is staying two so no worry she will be there for the birth} but, my Mom plans on coming back in October so the week she is here... I need to have a baby!! I am the only child and this is her first grandchild! I may be just as anxious in Columbia and ready to get Molly out, but I am also enjoying sleeping in and taking naps. I may be uncomfortable, but I do like sleep {for now}. Oh well... Molly will come when she is good and ready. I do want her to cook as long as she needs too. If not, she will be evicted. I do hope she can make an appearance before the Gamecock football game or after. :)

Part of me says... hopefully, the next post will be a labor story, or will have better news, or I will do nothing but complain again!

How far along? 38 weeks 3 days
Size of Baby A? a watermelon {19 to 22 in., 7lbs}
Maternity Clothes? yoga pants and maternity tops have become my staples. and some t shirts i own. there isn't really anywhere in el paso i feel the need to put on anything fancy so a lot of my maternity clothes are just sitting in my closet. 
Weight Gain? 24 lbs at the doctor, but i had eaten breakfast :(
Gender? all PINK over here
Sleep?  i get like 5 hours of really really good sleep other than that i toss and turn.
Movement? all the time. 
Cravings? hungry all the time! 
What I miss? still a glass of chard. iced coffee.   
Symptoms? ugh so many. back aches, irregular contractions, congestion, lack of sleep
Best moment of the week? hearing her heartbeat is always the best :) 

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