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Friday, August 30, 2013

Molly Bess Anderson

Introducing Molly Bess Anderson
7.5 lbs 19.5 in 
Born August 20th, 2013 at 12:20 pm
*Disclaimer: I wrote this really fast so please excuse any mistakes!

I apologize for taking so long to get to Molly's birth. It literally happened so fast! Here is the last belly picture I took of myself at 38 weeks. I got so big so fast and I was getting worried she put on a few lbs herself!
On Monday August 19th I had my 39 week appointment. I was checked by the doctor and my cervix was still CLOSED and Molly had no intentions of 'dropping.' I suppose she was comfortable where she was, but I on the other hand was not and I was getting antsy. I was worried about her being over a week late and my Mom not being here for the birth. Dr. Gluck, on the other hand, was not worried about that, but making sure she was okay. So after he checked me I immediately had to have an ultrasound to she how big she was and the ultrasound said 8.3 lbs! I still had a week to go and she would do nothing, but gain. I then had to do a non stress test. I hadn't had to do that my whole pregnancy so I was freaking out a bit and getting worried, but the NST went well. Dr. Gluck was worried Molly would get bigger and because my hips and pelvis are so small she might have trouble getting out. So, he said he would do a c section tomorrow (Tuesday 8/20), but wanted me to talk to Tyler first. I said my worry was getting checked the following Monday and little to no progress being induced and ending up in a c section anyway. So, our plan was wait until Monday and probably schedule a c section for Tuesday the 27th unless I changed my mind about going ahead with it. I talked it over with Tyler and our Mom's. Tyler and I decided we should go ahead with the c section especially since when I was getting out of the hospital our Mom's would be in town to help with the hard part. So, I called the doctors office and had it scheduled for 12pm. I couldn't eat past midnight so, I was going to be waiting a long time to eat again! Anyway, Tyler and I cleaned, got the house ready, and set up our dog sitter for Riley. I thought I would get no sleep that Monday night, but I had no trouble falling asleep. I was definitely ready. Here I am waiting for everything to start.....
I have never had any sort of surgery before nor have I ever had to spend any time in the hospital except for maybe a ER visit every now and again {probably all soccer related injuries}. I was pretty nervous! I was even more freaked out once I was on the operating table, with the spinal, and I felt stuck! I really wanted to tell them quit and I would just wait until she came on her own. But, I am sure that would be a no go! They started at 12:14, Molly was out crying at 12:20, and I was stitched up by 12:37 and rolled into recovery. Where I was sore, couldn't feel my legs, and became super nauseous from the pain medication! But, it was all worth it for this moment....
The nights in the hospital were a learning experience, but we had nurses checking on me and Molly every few hours. We got very little sleep. The first week home is a different story and for another blog post. Hopefully I can write that today or tomorrow. We are a little busy over here :) But for now, I will leave you pictures of our precious little miracle who we are absolutely in love with. We can't imagine life without her now!

The best Daddy ever! He has helped out more than I could have ever asked and I have never been more in love with him than I am now that I see him with our daughter! 

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